Lippert™ Anti-Lock Braking System

Lippert™ Anti-Lock Braking System, Towing technology designed to let you haul safer and smarter than ever.

The Lippert trailer anti-lock braking system combines the best of ABS and connected RV technology to deliver a comprehensive safety platform for all trailer types, particularly travel trailers and other RVs.


Lippert™ ABS comes standard on all Reflection Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels, Solitude and Solitude S-Class (7K Drum Brakes Only), and all Momentum Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels.

Features to Ensure Peace of Mind:


  • Promotes exceptional towing safety and driver confidence
  • Improves control on slippery roads and in emergency braking situations 
  • Integrates with trailer brakes to prevent trailer wheel lock-up
  • Ready to connect to the OneControl app and Compass Connect
  • App provides digital odometer, system monitoring and more
  • Non-intrusive system will not interfere with trailer gain settings
  • All-encompassing kit includes everything needed for complete installation

ABS Testing Video

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